18-Year-Old Crashes Ferrari 458 Italia

Unlike the accident involving a red Ferrari 458 Italia and a truck that I posted here some time ago, this accident shows the irresponsibility of the driver of a black Ferrari 458 Italia that could have ended with a terrible accident… yes, more terrible than already is.

The accident happened in Norway… After a heavy rain, two young persons, 18 years old, were in a black Ferrari 458 Italia (this one you can see destroyed in the images) at high speed, hit a tree and ended up in the courtyard of an elementary school… the accident happened during recess in the morning, but due to the heavy rain the schoolyard where was usually full of children had no one, which helped to this accident do not end up in a tragedy.

The two occupants of the Ferrari 458 Italia has been taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

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