Kamakura Stealth Concept: The Insane body kit for Lamborghini Aventador

The Lamborghini Aventador collects body kits made tailored for it during the more of two years that it is on the market… and now another very… very extreme… This is the Kamakura Stealth that seems designed to the Batman.

The concept boasts an insane front bumper really big with vents and winglets mounted, extended fenders, roof scoop, rear diffuser, wheels with an abstract shape and that’s not all… Besides of the extreme body kit, the Kamukura Stealth will sport an extreme power produced by a Twin Turbo System… the most powerful model will have an output of 1500hp.

Casborn Styling Group pretends build a total of 36 units of its extreme concept, thirty normal packages and just six copies of Kamakura Stealth Lamborghini Aventador with 1500hp…

There’s no estimate of when the packages are actually made ​​but I confess I am curious to see this in real life.

POSTED ON Mar 11, 2014

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