Snowventador Photoshoot

The Snowventador changed the visual and I showed this here ( check out on link below)… Now the Snow Aventador has the ski box removed and boasts new wheel set.

The Satin Black Lamborghini Aventador owned by Mahdiar called of Project 700 by SR Auto Group and also called by Snowventador when had the ski box, but now it suffered a few modifications that includes as I said a new set of wheels, the PUR 4OUR was replaced by RS07, the ski box was removed and this Lamborghini Aventador boasts also a custom straight pipe exhaust.

The Snowventador, or rather, now sounds better Lamborghini Aventador Mahdiar Edition even uses the PUR Aero Carbon Fiber kit that includes front lip, side skirts, rear diffuser and rear wing…

Well, check it out impressive images of Satin Black Lamborghini Aventador in the lens of Marcel Lech Photography. Oh, and you can check the first photoshoot on link below.

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