Top 5ive World’s Fastest Cars

Hi, the Top 5ive list of this week we’re talking about of the fastest cars in the world… The list below shows the fastest cars in the world with verified top speed (VERIFIED) … check it out the list of cars that exceed 248 mph (400 km/h).


top 5ive worlds fastest cars bugatti veyron 700x466

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 front side view

The first Bugatti which broke a speed record and exceeded 248 mph (400 km/h). With its powerful W16 engine of 8.0-liter with 1001 hp, the Bugatti Veyron claimed the title of fastest production car in the world belonging to the Koenigsegg CCR — top speed of 241.63 mph (388.87 km/h)– when on April 19, 2005, in Ehra Lessien the Bugatti Veyron hit 253.81 mph or 408.47 km/h.


top 5ive worlds fastest cars bugatti veyron vitesse wrc 700x466

Bugatti Veyron Vitesse 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Car at Ehra Lessien VW Test Track

The Bugatti Veyron Vitesse World Record Car or just WRC is currently the world’s fastest convertible car… The WRC is a special edition of the Bugatti Veyron Vitesse (a kind of Veyron SS roadster) created in commemoration to the world record.

The Bugatti Veyron Vitesse WRC, as well as all Vitesses, boasts the powerful Bugatti’s W16 engine, and like the Veyron SS, the Bugatti Veyron Vitesse boasts 1200hp.

The Bugatti Veyron Vitesse WRC uses a black body with details in orange and it is limited in only 20 units sold for almost 2 million euros or 2.75 million dollar at current rates… On April 2013 with Chinese driver, Antony Liu, behind the wheel it reached the top speed of 254.04mph (408.84 km/h) on Ehra Lessien test track with the top down, verified by German Technical Inspection and Certification Association or simply TUV.


top 5ive worlds fastest cars ssc ultimate aero tt1 700x525

SSC Ultimate Aero TT front angle on the road

The SSC Ultimate Aero TT on September 13, 2007, claimed the title of world’s fastest production car reaching an average top speed of 256.18 mph (412.28 km/h) in West Richland, WA. It ran in two opposite direction, 257.44 mph (414.31 km/h) and 254.91 mph (410.24 km/h) in the return trip.

The SSC Ultimate Aero boasts a Supercharged V8 Chevrolet engine with 1,183 bhp (882 kW; 1,199 PS) at 6950 rpm and maximum torque of 1,483 Nm (1,094 lb-ft) at 6150 rpm.


top 5ive worlds fastest cars bugatti veyron ss 700x418

Bugatti Veyron Supersport Edition front angle on road

The current world’s fastest production car by Guinness, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is a limited edition with an upgraded engine and aerodynamics improvement… there are only 30 units of the Bugatti Veyron SS running around the world and five of them have the name of WRE ( World Record Edition).

The Bugatti Veyron SS WRE on June 26, 2010, set the speed record of 267.856 mph (431,072km/h) at Ehra Lessien.


top 5ive worlds fastest cars hennessey venom gt 700x438

Hennessey Venom GT rear side view

The Hennessey Venom GT is considered a modified car of Lotus Elise/Exige, but it is here because its top speed is awesome even for a tuned machine.

Hennessey Venom GT is powered by a Supercharged 7.0-liter GM LSX V8 engine with total power of 1244 hp (928 kW; 1,261 PS) and maximum torque of 1,155 lb-ft (1,566 Nm), and curb-weight of 1244 kg (2,743 lb).

The Venom GT recorded a top speed of 270.49 mph (435.31 km/h) on February 14, 2014, on the Kennedy Space Center’s 3.22-mile (4.82km) shuttle landing strip in Florida.

As I said the Hennessey is considered a modified car and it has just 11 units built so far, besides of run in one direction only, so it’s not able to claim the title of World’s fastest Production car belonging to Bugatti Veyron SS on Guinness.


This is it, guys… As I said in this Article, was only considered supercars with verified top speed, so supercars/hypercars like the Koenigsegg Agera R, SSC Tuatara, and even the brand new Koenigsegg One:1 don’t appear here.

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