Truck Crashes into Ferrari 458 Italia

Usually Ferrari’s cars catch fire for any reason… well, This Beautiful Red Ferrari 458 Italia did not catch fire, instead, a truck entered on it. This was a bit of overkill mine, but was almost this what happen.

Somewhere in London, near Hyde Park, A red Ferrari 458 Italia was parked, while on the opposite side a little more ahead exist a street corner and you can imagine what happened… the truck driver was making a turn and he did not pay much attention that behind of him had a Ferrari and ended up ripping the side of the car made of aluminium as it were paper.

truck crashes into ferrari 458 italia 01 700x466

The damage was not too serious and probably the delivery company will pay the damage seeing that the truck that caused all the damage does part of it.

The owner of the Ferrari was not there, he just parked the car there, he thought that nothing would happen to his precious red horse in a high class neighborhood…well, he was wrong…

I did not say but, the average house value in the neighborhood where this Ferrari was parked is around 8 million pounds, more than 13 million dollars.

POSTED ON Mar 11, 2014

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