McLaren 650S MSO Concept

The McLaren Special Operations or just MSO released details of its new work… a special improvement to the brand new McLaren 650S coupe, 650S Spider and 12C models.

The McLaren’s Bespoke Engineering Department realises awesome work, you probably remember of 12C MSO a true tuning made in-house… and this time is not otherwise. Starting with the unique and awesome color scheme… Agrigan Black. The colour developed by MSO is metallic black with deep ruby red metallic flake.

The McLaren 650S has its front-end inspired by McLaren P1… of course. In the 650S MSO are more parts inspired on McLaren P1 and i’m talking about the rear diffuser… and in addition, the McLaren 650S MSO Concept uses new side blades and also carbon fiber air brake, satin black engine cover as well as the lightweight wheels.

The interior presents many details in carbon fiber and new carbon fiber racing seats also inspired by McLaren P1, saving 15kg…

The MSO side blades are priced at 5.114 pounds or about to 8.607 dollar and the rear diffuser with price of 7245 pounds or 12.194,06 dollar (current rate) for the new McLaren 650S.

POSTED ON Apr 29, 2014

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