Diamond White McLaren P1

Yesterday I posted here a Stunning White McLaren P1 that was delivered to Canada, owned by Mahdiar… well, another one was delivered to Newport Beach, California.

The beautiful Diamond White McLaren P1 photographed at the McLaren Newport Beach showroom looks like the Mahdiar’s P1, but some details make them different.

This Diamond White McLaren P1 doesn’t use the carbon fiber trim on rear wing like the Mahdiar’s McLaren P1, instead, this one has carbon fiber exposed beneath rear wing and white paint over, as well as some other exterior details.

The most visible difference is, certainly, the interior… The Mahdiar McLaren P1 has a stunning red finish inside while the Diamond White P1 has the interior finished also in white matching with the¬†exterior paint.


Check out more awesome images of this beautiful diamond white McLaren P1 at Lamborghini/McLaren Newport Beach showroom…

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