Pagani Zonda 760 LM is Finished

Last week I said here that the Pagani was working in a One-Off version of Zonda, well, the Pagani Zonda 760 LM is finished.

The Pagani Zonda 760 LM is an One-Off version, the last ( I think) based of Zonda. Unlike other Pagani one-off versions, this one don’t receives the acronyms of your owner, the LM means Le Mans.

The Zonda Le Mans edition is based on Zonda 760 like Lewis Hemilton’s zonda, the Zonda 760 LH and as its name says this Zonda produces 760 hp.

The Pagani Zonda 760 LM is featured by a different look of others Zondas, this one is inspired by Le Mans Prototypes and we can notice this just looking for front headlights that presents a design completely different as well as the enormous rear wing fixed in sides like the Zonda R… Besides of enormous rear wing and new headlights, the Zonda LM has shark fin, roof scoop, side air intakes, tricolore calipers and also two stripes that crosses the car… the left stripe is also tricolore, the Italian flag colors ( green, white and red ) while the right is German style ( black, red and yellow ).

The Pagani Zonda 760 LM was spotted in Andorra, where it was registered according to Prototype 0, a Pagani enthusiast… The car is owned by a Pagani customer from Argentina owner of other two Pagani supercars, a beautiful one Pagani Zonda Cinque and a non-street legal Zonda R… The Zonda LM probably will remain in Europe like others.

POSTED ON May 27, 2014

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