Photoshoot: Zenvo ST1 in Monaco

During Top Marques, Monaco receives much more super cars that usually ride around the city… and besides of many super cars, this year we can see two awesome copies of the Zenvo ST1.

Kevin Stec photographed the two awesome copies in some places in Monaco including the harbor… Besides of most “usual” copy in Orange, another Zenvo ST1 uses brown in whole body and a different set of wheels.

As you know, the Danish supercar is powered by a Supercharged and Turbocharged 7.0L V8 engine with 1250 hp ( 932 Kw ) and 1430 Nm ( 1050 lbs-ft ) of torque… This danish monster is able to accelerate from zero to 62mph ( 100km/h ) in 3.0 seconds and it has a top speed limited to 233 mph ( 375 km/h ).

POSTED ON May 21, 2014

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