Bugatti Veyron SS reaches 395 km/h on the Road

The Bugatti Veyron SS is the fastest production car in the world with the top speed of 431 km/h ( 267 mph ), the Veyron SS reached this colossal speed on a private circuit, Ehra-Lessien to be more exact… but, recently a Bugatti Veyron SS reached almost 248 mph ( 400 km/h ) on a public road… The Bugatti Veyron SS Pur Blanc hit 246 mph ( 395 km/h ).

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, as I said and you know, or rather, everybody knows, is the most fastest production car in this world limited in just 30 units and a special edition called WRE ( world record edition ) in carbon fiber and Italian red limited in 5 units… this one in the video below is an one-off edition called Pur Blanc, and well-known as Panda…


The Panda as well as the other 29 copies of super sport is powered by a 8.0L W16 engine with four turbocharged pumping out 1200 horsepower on the ground… The Bugatti Veyron SS is priced of $2.8 million and has top speed limited in just 257 mph ( 415 km/h ).

Ok, now click on play and check it out the Bugatti Veyron SS flying low in a public road to set a record at the 2014 Sun Valley Road Rally… it’s like a fighter jet… just awesome!

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