Even More Special: Novitec Rosso Ferrari 458 Speciale

Novitec Rosso present a even more special stage of its upgrade kit for Ferrari 458 Speciale… yeah, more components, more extreme, more speciale… The Novitec Rosso Ferrari 458 Speciale as the first stage boasts a tailor-made set of wheels… the golden NF4 has measures of 21×9 in front and 21×12 in rear… the prancing horse also has carbon fiber rear diffuser, air intake louvers in the side windows, covers for taillights, front spoiler lip, front flaps, air guide trunk on the hood, side skirts with double fins as well as rear wing and other details in carbon fiber…

6 novitec rosso ferrari 458 speciale rear side top view 700x420

The Novitec Rosso Ferrari 458 Speciale also present a performance package, the most powerful reaches 457kW (622hp) at 9250rpm with 555Nm at 6100 rpm in its max-torque which makes the Novitec Rosso 458 Speciale is 5km/h faster than the standard model… So, the 458 speciale by Novitec Rosso can reach 330km/h (205 mph)… The novitec also offers optimized ECU’s with similar performance of engine upgrades. The Ferrari 458 Speciale is lower… 30mm to be exact, thanks to Novitec sport springs… the Exhaust system is crafted with Iconel a formula 1 material which enhances the sound and makes the exhaust system 6kg lighter.

yeah… The Novitec Rosso Ferrari 458 Speciale is even more speciale and you can check it out more pics in our mega gallery following the link below.


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