Matte Black Dodge Viper on PUR Wheels

Usually you see European supercars fitted on PUR Wheels, but this time is different… Inspired Autosport fitted an american supercar with a set of wheels by PUR … yeah, this Matte Black Dodge Viper.

The Dodge Viper is using the set PUR LX14 completely in gloss black ( face and lip ) … a nice match… the PUR LX14 measures 20×10,5 in the front and 21 x 13 in the rear.


This Matte Black Dodge Viper on PUR Wheels don’t receives any performance upgrade, so, the front mid-engine supercar boasts under the hood the 8.4-liter V10 standard delivering 640 bhp ( 480 kW ) what makes the Dodge SRT Viper reach a nice performance, with top speed of 206 mph ( 332 km/h ) and acceleration from zero to 60 mph ( 96 km/h) of about 3.3 seconds.

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