Bugatti Veyron Just 15 Units to Sell!

If you want a Bugatti Veyron, hurry up to buy one because the latest production cars are about to be sold, remaining only 15 units to the end of production.

The production of the Bugatti Veyron is limited to 450 units with all your special versions and variants, where 300 were of fixed top and 150 roadster.

In fact, with 30 units of 45 units on orders, leaves just 15 units to be sold, and those include demonstration and show cars which will be reconditioned before being sold.


After the last Veyron be sold, the Bugatti will concentrate your attention to the Successor planned to be officially unveiled in 2016 and start to be sold in 2017.

According to rumors, the new Veyron will boast an upgraded 8.0L W16 engine and also an electric motor and will be able to deliver something like 1500 hp.

POSTED ON Aug 06, 2014

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