Official: McLaren 650S Sprint

McLaren presents the new model focused only on tracks based on McLaren 650S coupe. The McLaren 650S Sprint is a mid-level car between 650S road-car and the 650 GT3 race car.

Such as 650S GT3, the Mclaren 650S Sprint received upgrades by McLaren GT, the racing arm of McLaren Automotive, and the car will make the global debut at the Pebble Beach Concours d’elegance, that will take place on this weekend. Besides of 650S Sprint, McLaren will show up to the world the new track-only McLaren P1 GTR.

The McLaren 650S Sprint isn’t so insane like the 650 GT3 but also receives some awesome updates to improve its performance on the tracks. The 650S Sprint boasts a refined Brake Steer system and ProActive Chassis Control, combined with a race-prepared braking system to allow for later braking, besides of improving in the aerodynamic, thanks the big rear wing that improved the downforce which makes able the McLaren 650S Sprint a better response on track … faster cornering speeds.

The car features a lowering ride height and recalibrated adaptive damping, improving the handling on the track. The car boasts also centre locking wheels.

The McLaren realized upgrades in the 3.8L V8 engine but did not reveal how much power the car pumps out. This track-only toy is priced from £198.000 or around $333.000.

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