Six Veyrons in Sun Valley [ Gallery ]

The 2014 Sun Valley Road Rally was epic (and I’m not talking about the Fast & Furious grandma), the event brought together a really nice number of Bugatti Veyrons… and a lot more than this… The event allowed a Bugatti Veyron put all its power on the asphalt of a public road. We saw the Bugatti Veyron Vitesse reach 241 mph (387 km/h) and also the exotic Panda accelerating like a jet, flying by to 246 mph ( 395 km/h )… absolutely awesome!

Now, check it out a really nice gallery with a convoy of six Bugatti Veyrons ( a Grand Sport, a matte gray and black Vitesse, two Bleu Vitesses, an orange Vitesse and, of course, the Super Sport Pur Blanc, our beloved Panda. ) in stunning pictures in Sun Valley, Idaho, US.

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