Alpha Omega vs 2000hp Gallardo and Viper TT

See the Alpha Omega Nissan GT-R racing against a 2000 hp Lamborghini Gallardo and a 1500+hp Dodge Viper Twin Turbo during Texas Invitational Kings of the Street.

The Alpha Omega is a monster with a sprint from 0-60 mph ( 0-97 km/h ) in just 1.52 seconds, 0-100 mph ( 0-160 km/h ) in 2.79 seconds and to achieve 186 mph ( 300 km/h ), the Alpha Omega takes just 7.56 seconds. Moreover, AMG Alpha Omega GT-R reaches 233 mph ( 275 km/h ) in one mile, while it reaches 214 mph ( 344 km/h ) in a half-mile.

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