Lamborghini Reventon on PUR Wheels

Lamborghini Reventón is a special edition launched at 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show limited in just 20 units ( 21 units were built, 1 for the Lamborghini’s museum ) inspired by fighter jets. The car is very limited and so beautiful which in 2007 won the award of most beautiful automobile in the world.

7 lamborghini reventon pur wheels front side angle 700x467

Lamborghini Reventon on PUR wheels front side angle

Well, after some time, the owner of this Lamborghini Reventón decided change your beautiful machine a little bit… Now, the Lamborghini Reventón rides on PUR RS05 in Egoista Orange with measures of 19×8.5 and 20 x 13.

The Lamborghini Reventón is using a set inspired on Lamborghini Egoista and the PUR RS05 V2 (version 2 of PUR RS05, of course) is inspired by Reventón itself.

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