Ferrari 430 Scuderia vs Rocket Bicycle

Last week, this insane bicycle was riding on the Paul Richard circuit where it broke a speed-record. The Frenchman Fran├žois Gissy on his rocket bicycle reached just 207 mph ( 333 km/h ) breaking his previous record of 163 mph (262 km/h).

To show how fast this bicycle is, the guys led a Ferrari 430 Scuderia to race against it … the Ferrari won? Impossible. Look, the rocket bicycle ran 1/4 mile in less then 7 seconds, while the 207 mph record speed was attained at around the 250 meter, five-second mark. Just to give you an idea, the Ferrari 430 Scuderia takes 3.6 seconds to reach 62 mph ( 100 km/h ) and has a top speed of 202 mph ( 325 km/h ).


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