Lamborghini Huracan Affari by DMC is ready

DMC is the first tuner to create an aerodynamic body kit for the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4… in July DMC showed for the first time its Affari project in renders and a Huracan effectively using the body kit, well, but just now we can see the entire project on the body of the Lamborghini Huracan… and we can say that Affari is ready.

The Lamborghini Huracan Affari by DMC receives front lips, wide body bumper tunnels (the vents in the front bumper with winglets),side skirts, rear diffuser, rear spoiler, Engine Bonnet Diffuser (the pair of fins on the engine cover),carbon fiber side mirror caps (this one is not using), carbon fiber base wing, carbon fiber rear wing and rear bumper.

What do you think about the Lamborghini Huracan Affari by DMC?… if you don’t liked, don’t worry this is just the first stage, so we can hope more updates on the Lamborghini Huracan as insane as DMC SV or even DMC Edizione-GT… Maybe, who knows.

POSTED ON Nov 26, 2014

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