Lamborghini Aventador Shoots Insane Flames and Set Itself on Fire

As you know, the Dragons are immune to their own fire but the bulls are not… Check it out this unusual situation; A Lamborghini Aventador revving loud and shooting insane flames in a street in somewhere (London), so far so good, the things start to go wrong when the Aventador will shoot more one insane flame and the car caught fire, I don’t know the real reason of the incident, but, unspent fuel is the likely cause of this fire… what to do in this moment? find for water or for a fire extinguisher? or try extinguish the fire using a sweater and after you see that is not giving results, on the contrary, the flames are rising, then you back to behind the wheel and step on the gas and hope the fire goes out for some miracle? if you watch the video below you’ll see that the guy in the Lamborghini Aventador chose the last option…

Many supercars are equipped with a small extinguish in the cabin, but we can see that this one is an exception… or this guy did all this s*** with a fire extinguisher in the car ???  Well, it’s better to imagine he had not the object in that moment.

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