Mansory Stallone Spotted in Koln

Mansory created really awesome body kits for a couple of cars and these body kits, we can say that are pure insanity, literally… Just remember of the Carbonado GT or even the Mansory Siracusa, the body kit changed completely the look of the car and with this Mansory Stallone spotted in Koln, Germany was not otherwise.

The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is brutal with the Stallone parts… the Mansory Stallone presents a redesigned front bumper in carbon fiber with a nose inspired by F1 cars (yeah, as the Ferrari 458 Spider Siracusa ), carbon fiber side skirts while at the rear presents a new diffuser, a duck-tail rear wing, and vent behind the wheels. The car is sitting on a pretty cool set of wheel finished in yellow by Mansory itself.

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