McLaren P1 Wrecked in Dallas [Updated]

The McLaren P1 is limited to just 375 units worldwide and the first serious accident involving the hybrid hypercar comes from Dallas, Texas, US. The images surfaced on Instagram show a gray McLaren P1 wrecked after a horrible crash.

The causes of the accident are unknown at the moment… In the pictures is not shown any other car or vehicle, presuming that P1 is the unique involved in the accident, the McLaren probably lost the control and hit the guardrail (you can notice the guardrail destroyed in the image above).

2 gray p1 truck 700x624

Gray McLaren P1 wrecked in accident in Dallas on a recovery truck


The McLaren P1 is very damaged, principally at the right side, but, fortunately, the cabin remains intact thanks to clever carbon fiber monocoque (MonoCage) what make us think that the occupant(s) is (are) well.

Now,the owner will need to spend many thousand dollars to fix the P1… just remember, the McLaren P1 has a base price of $1.3 million.

[updated Nov 29, 2014]

More information about this crash comes from… The Mclaren P1 crashed at McKinnon Street with two people injured (driver and passenger). The 27-year-old driver and his 24-year-old passenger were taken to Parkland Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The cause of the accident according to Investigators was a wet spot in the road… after the driving over, the 27-year-old driver lost the control and hit a guardrail.

The $1.3 million hybrid-hypercar was brand new… The dealership sold the car one day before the crash.

POSTED ON Nov 26, 2014

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