Photoshoot: Flintgrau Metallic McLaren P1

Check out another photoshoot coming from Newport Beach, California, with another awesome copy of the McLaren P1 hybrid hypercar. You have seen before a P1 using Diamond White and another using Volcano Yellow, now, you see some awesome pictures of a Flintgrau Metallic McLaren P1 in the McLaren Newport Beach showroom.

This McLaren P1 boasts Flintgrau Metallic (a kind of grey) along the body and, moreover, the parts in clear carbon fiber on the exterior are tinted in blue while the interior is finished in red and a lot of carbon fiber.

This McLaren P1 is obviously made by MSO ( McLaren Special Operations ) due the bespoke details, therefore, the price of this awesome machine is probably over $1.6 million. The P1 is limited to 375 units and this one is the number 170.

POSTED ON Nov 08, 2014

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