Render: LaFerrari on Wheelsandmore

The LaFerrari is a hyper-hyper car limited in just 499 units and all sold… priced over $1.6 million, the car was sold just for exclusive customers of Ferrari. Well, supercars like this usually don’t receive aftermarket parts, but Wheelsandmore thinking in customers which want a new look for his LaFerrari built a pretty cool set for the prancing horse.

The LaFerrari is using a nice set with 6-spoke V-shaped… in this case the set of wheels has black face and gray lip that matches with the beautiful body of the LaFerrari.

1 laferrari wheelsandmore rear side 700x437

This is the same set shown by Wheelsandmore in a project based on Lamborghini Huracan called of Lucifero… Such as is showed in the bull, this prancing horse also uses the center-lock F.I.W.E set enveloped by thin tires.

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