Render: LaFerrari XX

The very expected track-prepared LaFerrari XX is reported to be unveiled at the beginning of the next month during the Finali Mondiali event, but so far just a heavily camouflaged test car was spied. Well, probably inspired by this LaFerrari XX spied, Daniele Pelligra created some renderings imagining the XX version without camouflage.

As you saw earlier in the LaFerrari XX Spotted on Fiorano the car will have a large front spoiler, a new rear diffuser, side-fixed rear wings and looks wider as well. In the renders the LaFerrari XX presents a roof scoop, winglets mounted on the front bumper and a double exhaust pipe tips. As we know the prototype spied showed a single exhaust pipe tips and in that moment it was not using winglets or roof scoop. That prototype spotted is the closer of a final version that we will probably see, but it can still undergo some changes … or not.

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