Seponas LM900 by ESV

Today, Automobili Lamborghini SpA has two successful models on the market, yeah, the Aventador and the Huracan and due this enormous success is very typical several tuning houses create body kits and components for these raging bulls. But, it’s not just for these two bulls which the tuning houses concentrate their efforts.

Back to 2001, Lamborghini presents the Diablo’s successor, the Lamborghini Murcielago… ten years later and with more then 4000 units built the Murcielago comes to an end… even now, 3 years after the end of production there are tuning houses building body kits specially for the bat car.

The German based EdelStahlVertrieb or just ESV presents a body kit, oh sorry, a completely modified bull, or rather, a new raging bull… In fact, the project is based on Lamborghini Murcielago LP640-4 Roadster and it will be limited in just 10 units.

Called of Seponas LM900, unlike so many others body kits out there that is inspired by Murcielago SV this one has some inspirations of Lamborghini Reventon and took just 4 years to be built. Yeah, all this time has an explication, Seponas LM900 is a lot more than a simple body kit, the car receive modifications on the exterior, interior and under the hood.

As you can notice, the Seponas LM900 has the entire body in exposed carbon fiber, the side vents is clearly inspired on Reventon, as well as the rear bumper. Seponas LM900 is sitting on a bespoke set of wheels in aluminium with measures of 20×10 wrapped by 285/30 20 tires while the rear has huge 21×13.5 inches wrapped by 355/25 21 tires. Besides of new tires, the car was equipped with custom made disks… just to be able to stop the car at speeds up to 217 mph (350km/h).

And talking about speed, the engine also has been modified, it has been installed two compressors that gives the Seponas LM900 a maximum output of 935hp. Yeah, the car continues with the normal aspired V12 now with a massive power, a beautiful engine which deserves to be seen… Well, ESV simply installed a glass engine cover just to see the bull’s heart… the car still gets a different belt drives, an updated cooling system and a custom made exhaust system… and new exhaust pipe tips.

As I said, the car was completely modified, even the interior… Besides of a new sound system and to have a plasma display installed on dashboard, the interior receives a beautiful finish… The Seponas LM900 combines blue Alcantara with cream Nappa leather and amazing seams, just a final touch… absolutely amazing.

As I already said, the car is a limited edition, 10 in the total and the first one was offered to sale for a trifle of 612,850 euro, or something around $770,000… expensive? Do you prefer a Lamborghini Aventador? well, it’s not just a body kit for Murcielago… it’s another bull.

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