White McLaren P1 Stunning Photoshoot

A wonderful car in a stunning landscape… Marcel Lech shows us another one photoshoot featuring the beautiful white McLaren P1, the first one in Canada. Mahdiar‘s McLaren P1 was previously photographed in a parking garage, now Marcel Lech has decided put the hybrid hypercar in a natural atmosphere… what to say? Stunning sounds good, right?

The photos were┬ámade in a local ski slope 20 minutes from Vancouver, or rather, on the road to… The really awesome photoshoot presents the white McLaren P1 “by MSO” running on the road in the late afternoon, what makes another detail catch our attention… Yes, the amazing sunset.

As I said, this is the first McLaren P1 in Canada (2nd in the North America) and it is owned by Mahdiar who by the way has another awesome car in his garage… the Snowventador.

The McLaren P1 received some unique characteristics by McLaren Special Operations (MSO) including a slight tint of blue in the paint color, a trim in carbon fiber on the rear wing as well as some other details.

If you want to see more awesome photos just check out the Marcel Lech’s website.

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