Lamborghini Aventador Receives a Unique Wrap Style

Due the large number of Aventadors out there, their owners decide give a unique style to them and, of course, make the car more exclusive through the tuning… In this case, the Lamborghini Aventador catches our attention for its unique wrap style.

The car receives an abstract wrap with multi-color graphics featuring a yellow guitar on the bonnet, fluorescent-looking seaweed and shell-type shapes.

The Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 was wrapped by WrapStyle requested by a german owner… These pictures were taken by Martin Cyprian Photography at the Brno Moto GP circuit in the Czech Republic.

It is worth remembering of some others aventadors which also boast a really awesome wrap style as the Galaxy Aventador, Black Tron Aventador and the Bape Aventador.

POSTED ON Dec 05, 2014

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