MSO Presents Another Creation: Satin Volcano Red McLaren P1

McLaren Special Operations (MSO) has created several P1s we can call of uniques… worth remembering of the volcano red, mint green, the unique p1 registered in italy and also the C.J Wilson’s chameleon P1. A large portion of the 375 units built receive some treatment by MSO, but these ones are even more awesome and has much more modifications, in respect of color and details. As the pretty awesome Satin Volcano Red McLaren P1 recently revealed.

The MSO already had unveiled a Volcano Red McLaren P1 as I said above… yeah, but this time McLaren Special Operations shows a pretty unique variation… Satin Volcano Red (Basically matte red). The color together with exposed carbon fiber covers the whole body. Inside, the P1 has carbon fiber seats and stitching also in a red variation called of Harissa Red. Furthermore, the Satin Volcano Red McLaren P1 boasts the exhaust fitted with a 24 carat gold heat shield.

POSTED ON Dec 02, 2014

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