Porsche 918 Spyder Sold Out; Almost 300 Were to U.S.

Among the hybrid-hypercars, the Porsche 918 Spyder was the last to sell all their units due the quantity of copies made available by Porsche. They are 918 units with a starting price of $845,000. by comparison, the McLaren P1 is limited in just 375 units, while the LaFerrari is limited in 499, almost half of the 918. Now Volkswagen Group has confirmed that the model had all units sold and the largest market was the United States of America.

Of total 918 vehicles, almost 300 were to the U.S (297 units to be more exact, almost one-third of the amount), while Germany and China almost 100 units were sold in each one. The others 418 units were sold to the rest of the world, but numbers were not released. In addition, head R&D, Wolfgang Hatz, confirmed a 918 Spyder successor, which will be launched more or less 10 years from now.

POSTED ON Dec 12, 2014

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