Render: Ferrari 458 Speciale FXX A

The track-focused LaFerrari FXX K was unveiled at the Finali Mondiali in the beginning of the month. The LaFerrari FXX K was enhanced by the XX programme and it’s able to produce more power due improves in the V12 engine as well as upgrades in the KERS system and more downforce thanks specially to the insane body. Well, E. milano imagined the Ferrari 458 Speciale A improved by the FXX program… the Ferrari 458 Speciale FXX A looks nice for you?

Previously, E. Milano made a LaFerrari FXX K Spider, but now he used an original Spider with FXX improvements… of course, the Ferrari 458 Speciale A looks very insane with the side-fixed rear wing and the rear diffuser (and boasts more downforce for sure). If the Ferrari 458 Speciale FXX A come to life besides of power and performance increased, this one will be the first track-focused supercar with retractable roof for a complete experience on the track.

POSTED ON Dec 12, 2014

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