Hear the Ford GT Twin-Turbo V6 Roar

At the Detroit Motor Show, Ford released a new version of the Ford GT with futuristic lines and advanced technology. The new GT has active aerodynamic and a monocoque in carbon fiber with subframes in aluminium making it one of the best power-weight ratios of any supercar according to Ford, since official weight was not revealed.

Apart from the insane design, the new GT came with a change that some Ford enthusiasts and fans did not like… yeah, the new Twin Turbo V6 ecoboost. Instead of a 5.4L supercharged modular V8 present in the 2005-2006 model producing 550 hp, Ford equipped its new GT with a 3.5L twin-turbocharged V6 ecoboost with 50 plus horsepower… or over 600 hp.

Listen the V6’s roar on the video below and say what do you think about this change. do you prefer V8 or V6 sounds good?


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