McLaren 675LT to Debut at Geneva Motor Show, Too

McLaren has confirmed more one model to be unveiled at Geneva Motor Show in March… Besides the production model of the track-focused McLaren P1 GTR, McLaren will show another edition based on 650S, a 650S “Speciale” called McLaren 675 LT, where LT means ‘Longtail’ used previously in 1997 when the F1 was in sportscar racing.

What we know about this new car, yeah, almost nothing… McLaren did not reveal any detail about its “speciale”, just – “The 675LT will embody the ‘Longtail’ ethos with its focus on performance-optimised aerodynamics, increased downforce, and reduced weight.”

The McLaren’s new toy will be moved by a 3.8-liter twin turbo V8 engine (I think) pushing out 675 horsepower (that is explicit in the name) and initially will be available only as coupé.

Ohh… and the new car will boast a pretty nice set of wheels that you can see spinning in slow motion on the video below.


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