McLaren P1 GTR to Debut at Geneva Motor Show

Back in August 2014, McLaren showed, for the first time, the P1 GTR as a concept form… an extreme and really stunning track-focused P1. After Monterey Car Week McLaren P1 GTR continued being put through its paces across Europe and the Middle East and the final form of all work will be shown at Geneva Motor Show in March.

In addition to the debut date, McLaren also confirmed that its limited edition track-only hypercar will start to be produced late this year as well as the start of the bespoke Driver Programme.

McLaren released a video where teases the production form of the P1 GTR. The car is basically the same (of course), but it has some little details as winglets mounted on front bumper which makes it a little bit different. Check it out the video below and until Geneva!

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