Photoshoot: Satin Volcano Red McLaren P1

Hey guys, you probably remember this Satin Volcano Red McLaren P1 by MSO (McLaren Special Operations) that emerged December last year. Well, on that occasion only three pictures were released, but now you can see the full photoshoot of the Stunning Satin Volcano Red McLaren P1.

This special model is coated with satin volcano red, or basically matte red, throughout the body with parts in exposed carbon fiber as many others p1s created by MSO. Inside, you can see a lot of carbon fiber, the seats receive stitching in Harissa Red while the red center console contrast incredibly with the black interior… and last but not least, the Satin Volcano Red McLaren P1 is fitted with exhaust shield plated in 24 carat gold.

POSTED ON Jan 23, 2015

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