Yellow Ferrari F430 Crashes in China

Emerge another one accident involving a Ferrari F430, but, this time the prancing horse is not drowning as happened with a black copy. This banana yellow Ferrari F430 crashed hard on a wet highway near the great city of Fuzhou in Fujian Province and ended up in pieces.

According to local reports, the driver lost the control during overtaking, causing the car spin hitting into the guardrail three times. With the impact, front and rear suffered serious damages. The front bumper section was launched and ended up some 100 meter away.

2 yellow f430 crash china rear side 700x432

Although the Ferrari F430 was partially destroyed, as you can see, the cabin was not damaged and the passengers left the accident unharmed.

3 yellow f430 crash china side angle 700x535

POSTED ON Jan 16, 2015

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