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The brand new Lamborghini Aventador SV was spotted during a shoot video, Jan 29, but at that moment any information about the new V12-variant was known. Now, for our happiness, some other details about the Aventador SV emerge.

Two pictures with leaflets for customers were leaked, and now we know that Lamborghini will make available six shades to the Aventador SuperVeloce. They are: Rosso Bia (red), Verde Ithaca (green), New Giallo Orion (Yellow), Bianco Isis (White), Arancio Atlas (Orange) and Nero Aldebaran (Black). Inside, details on seats will boast the same color of the exterior, while the rest is coated in black.

In addition to the shades, three packages are available, too. The first called of Standard features a small SV logo on rocker cover, steering wheel in full alcantara with smooth leather inserts and footrest in aluminium, while the second one called Sportive is characterized by a big SV logo on rocker cover, steering wheel in full alcantara, fire extinguisher and footrest in carbon fiber. The last is called of Comfort and boast a small SV logo on rocker cover, steering wheel in alcantara with perforated leather insert and fully electric seats with details in carbon fiber.

Unfortunately, nothing about performance leaked… the latest rumors indicate that the Lamborghini Aventador SV could be a LP800, but this is uncertain. So, until Geneva Motor Show in March!

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