Mercedes Announces AMG GT3 for Geneva

The Mercedes AMG GT was launched at Paris Motor Show last year, and during this Geneva Motor Show we will see the first AMG GT variant… The Mercedes AMG GT3.

Although Mercedes did not reveal any data about the GT3-variant so far, together with the release announcement in Geneva, Mercedes released, too, a couple of cropped teaser sketches of the car with a huge rear wing. Well, as usual in GT3 racing cars, besides of the giant rear wing we can expect for an insane front spoiler as well as a monstrous rear diffuser.

The Mercedes AMG GT3 will replace the SLS AMG GT3 that won the Nurburgring 24 hour race in 2013 and the Dubai 24 Hour (2012 and 2013) as well.

2 amg gt3 sketch rear 700x495


The new Mercedes-AMG GT3
February 12, 2015

Neatly coinciding with the upcoming market launch of the road-going version of the Mercedes-AMG GT, the next stage of the vehicle’s evolution is already here: the sports car and performance brand of Mercedes-Benz is presenting a new customer sport racing car that complies with FIA GT3 race regulations in the form of the new Mercedes-AMG GT3. With this, the second customer sport car to be developed by Mercedes-AMG, the Affalterbach company is seeking to build on the success of the SLS AMG GT3 and further expand the customer sport programme first started in 2010. The superb racetrack performance of the road-going GT forms the ideal basis on which to model the new Mercedes-AMG GT3, which is due to make its debut appearance at the Geneva Motor Show.

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