Mercedes SLS Roadster by Office-K

Mercedes SLS AMG was replaced last year, when, at the Paris Motor Show its successor emerged — yeah, The Mercedes AMG GT — well, we’re not here to talk about the AMG GT , on the contrary, we’ll talk about a pretty nice Mercedes-Benz SLS Roadster coming from Japan, in this another awesome project by Office-K ( You remember the Aventador Roadster, right?).

Office-K equipped the SLS Roadster with FAB Design body-kit, one of the most attractive for this model. The widebody provides for the German supercar redesigned bumpers, as well as other parts. To conclude its project, Office-K has replaced the standard set of wheels for one more attractive, the exquisite and quite extravagant Forgiato Navaja-ECX.

In addition to Forgiato set of wheels, this FAB Design Mercedes SLS Roadster is lower, thanks to the new sports suspension.

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