Snowboarding Behind Lamborghini Huracán

Do you like extreme sports? Have You already imagined snowboarding being towed by a Lamborghini Huracán? it sounds good, right? So, check it out the video below.

Hey, The idea of snowboarding being towed by a raging bull sounds awesome — no doubt — but, it sounds more awesome than really is (In this video, at least). Well, you are here to see a guy in a snowboard being towed by a 610hp Lamborghini Huracán able to reach 202 mph (325 km/h) — Ok, let’s be frank, the Huracán is not be able to reach this speed in this frozen environment, but it still can reach a reasonable speed — but, in the video, the lambo is going so slow — very, very slow. Well, the video is cool (the song in the background is nice), but it could be better.

Wakeboarding being towed by a F50 looks (is) more awesome than this one.


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