Tron-Style DMC Aventador SV Spotted; Startups & Acceleration!

DMC Aventador SV (spezial version) is one of the most extreme body kits built for the Lamborghini Aventador out there and this one looks much more insane thanks to the Tron wrap. The Tron-style DMC Aventador SV was spotted by exoticcarlvr22 — You can see this extreme machine and hear the amazing sound on the video below.

The DMC SV limited edition consists in an extreme front bumper with canards mounted, rear bumper completely in exposed carbon fiber and a giant rear wing. The Tron wrap is very similar (certainly, it’s based on) to the very famous LB Performance Aventador, but instead of purple, this raging bull was wrapped in chrome blue with the bottom in black and the same orange stripes throughout the body including on the exposed carbon fiber parts.

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