2015 Geneva Motor Show: Mercedes AMG GT3

Besides of hybrids and mega cars, track-focused vehicles steal the spotlight at the Geneva International Motor Show this year… Look at this eye-catching Mercedes AMG GT3!

The GT3 version based on the road-going Mercedes AMG GT has an extreme and aggressive design with a huge front spoiler, cannards, new rear diffuser and an enormous rear spoiler to increase downforce and, consequently, improving performance on track.

The track-only Mercedes AMG GT3 has a structure built in very lightweight yet extremely rigid aluminium spaceframe and uses a lot of carbon fiber in order to reduce weight.

Mercedes AMG GT3 is powered by a 6.3-liter V8 engine derived from the SLS AMG GT3. As the standard road model, the track-focused version uses a six-speed sequential racing gearbox mounted in a transaxle configuration on the rear axle, thereby facilitating optimum weight distribution.

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