Photoshoot: Stunning Black Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is already an awesome supercar, one of the most awesome front mid-engine cars in the world , and it doesn’t need any change, right?. But, let’s be honest guys… This Black Ferrari F12 Berlinetta fitted on ADV.1 Wheels is simply stunning! 

The naturally aspirated V12 Italian supercar is using a pretty awesome set of wheels by ADV.1 which contrast perfectly with its black body. The set is ADV5.0 Track Spec CS with Matte Black disk and Polished Matte Brown lip measuring 21×9.5 and 22×13 front and rear, respectively.

We can also notice carbon fiber parts, yeah, the black horse was equipped with aerodynamic parts by FabSpeed including front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser and a small rear wing. The Stunning Black Ferrari F12 Berlinetta also receives a new exhaust system by Caprito to increase its roar.

A picture is worth a thousand words… Check it out the gallery below with eight amazing photos of this amazing machine.

Image Gallery

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