This is the New McLaren P1 by MSO

Since the McLaren P1 was presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2013 (and almost immediately sold out), the McLaren Special Operations comes at full throttle working in one-off editions of the very limited hybrid hypercar. Check out, this is the newest work of art coming from Survey, England.

Owned by David Kyte, the chairman and founder of Hamilton Court FX, this McLaren P1 has received a blue paint scheme contrasting with red accents throughout the body. We can find red accents on the front end, side skirts, doors, mirror caps, bonnet and rear diffuser.

Inside, we can see a lot of carbon fiber, but also an eye-catching blue center console and dash air vents in the same color.

To contrast with the red accents all over the body, the wheels also received red details… and, yeah, the brake calipers are red too.

As stated, David Dyte is not the first McLaren’s customer who is happy with his one-off McLaren P1 by MSO, we can remember of the Mercury Silver McLaren P1, the hybrid hyper car boasting the Gulf Racing livery, an amazing Satin Volcano red built with 24-carat gold details and many others.

POSTED ON May 28, 2015

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