AMS Alpha Omega Destroys its Opponents at Texas Invitational

Nissan GT-R is usually called of Godzilla referring to the well-known Japanese monster which appeared for the first time in 1954.

The Alpha Omega is a project by AMS Performance and it is literally a monster which destroys all others. Equipped with Alpha 20 performance package and with 2000 hp under the hood, the AMS Alpha Omega has shown how monstrous it is simply destroying all its opponents in the King Of Streets field at the Texas Invitational for the second year in a row.

…among the opponents we can highlight the almighty Underground Racing TT Gallardo and R8 pumping out over 2000 horsepower, Dallas Performance TT Gallardo, D3 Performance 2000hp TT Viper and, too, the Lamborghini Huracan TT by Underground Racing with over 2000hp.

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