Check Out the Porsche 918 in 18 Stunning Photos

if you liked the Amazing Tuned Supercars gallery, here is another one which you might like too… An amazing gallery with the Stuttgart’s hybrid hypercar.

Check out below the Porsche 918 Spyder in 18 stunning photos (918 would be exaggeration). See the Porsche 918 Spyder using the Martini racing livery, as well as the Salzburg racing livery (both are available only for vehicles fitted with the Weissach Package); An amazing satin/matte black with green accents; an acid Green specimen and much more… Scroll down!

1 dark blue 918 apsi 700x427

2 silver 918 spyder apsi 700x437

3 928 spyder sjoerdtenkate apsi 700x466

(by SJoerdtenkate)

4 918 spyder sebastien cosse apsi 700x450

(by Sebastien Cosse)

5 porsche 918 19bozzy92 apsi 700x525

(by 19Bozzy92)

6 porsche 918 19bozzy92 apsi 700x525

(by 19Bozzy92)

7 porsche 918 danh phan apsi 700x466

(by Danh Phan)

8 porsche 918 david coyne apsi 700x466

(by David Coyne)

9 porsche 918 luca castaldini apsi 700x431

(by Luca Castaldini)

10 porsche 918 david coyne apsi 700x393

(by David Coyne)

11 porsche 918 matt parker apsi 700x466

(by Matt Parker)

12 porsche 918 raphael belly apsi 700x466

(by Raphael Belly Photography)

13 porsche 918 martijn beekmans apsi 700x393

(by Martijn Beekmans)

14 porsche 918 tomdaem apsi 700x437

(by Tom Daem)

15 porsche 918 axion23 apsi 700x466

(by Axion23)

16 porsche 918 photoswithjoel apsi 700x467

(by Photos With Joel)

17 porsche 918 desert motors apsi 700x315

(by Desert Motors)

18 porsche 918 eddie shih apsi 700x465

(by Eddie Shih)

POSTED ON Jun 03, 2015

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