White McLaren P1 Shows Off on PUR Wheels

McLaren Special Operations has showed us a lot of awesome and unique projects involving the P1 hybrid hypercar… Do you remember the Satin Volcano Red McLaren P1?

Well, this McLaren P1 is similar to most out there, no eye-catching color or gold exhaust heat shield here, but this is also a work by MSO and we can see a few details in carbon fiber on it.

Yeah, we are here to talk about the new shoes which the McLaren’s P1 is using. SR auto group replaced the stock set of wheels by a set of two piece forged PUR 4OUR.M2’s in a subtle and clean matte anthracite face with a gloss davinci red inner barrel.

The new set of wheels contrasts nicely with the white body, while those red brake calipers catch our eyes making us look at the new shoes.

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