a Race Car? Bugatti Releases a Teaser Image Of…

Day by day we are wondering how looks the Veyron’s successor and if those performance figures are coming with it, but Bugatti is not helping us to find the answers to these (or other) questions, instead Bugatti is leaving us more confused.

Two days ago, Bugatti released the first teaser video of what I, and a lot of people, think to be of the Veyron’s successor. Today, Bugatti posted on its facebook page this image you are seeing above… This is a pit stop, then it’s a race car, right?

Looking at the comments, some people are thinking that a new EB 110 model is coming due the hashtag with EB bold #imaginEBugatti (but this is simply the Bugatti’s logo), while others are assuming a probable Vision Gran Turismo concept (I don’t think so).

Well, you can interpret this image of many ways, but If Bugatti is really teasing the Chiron this picture may represent that the car will have the performance of a race car allied with a massive speed superior to Veyron. As Bugatti said in the teaser video, it is in the endless hunt for speed.

And you … What are you imagining about the Bugatti Chiron?

POSTED ON Aug 16, 2015

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