Ferrari 458 by Litchfield [w/video]

If you are happy with your Ferrari 458 and, even so, you want to increase the power of the Maranello’s prancing horse, here’s your solution.

British tuner Litchfield Imports has officially revealed a new performance package for the last Ferrari’s naturally-aspirated V8… The Ferrari 458 Italia/Spider.

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Ferrari 458 Italia by Litchfield Imports accelerating on dyno

Litchfield was able to add 44 bhp and 17 lb-ft by simply remapping the supercar’s ECU and equipping with a high performance intake, carbon-fiber airbox, and Akrapovic exhaust system.

On the paper, it means that the Ferrari 458 now can boast a total of 608 bhp and 415 lb-ft of torque.

Additionally, thanks to the titanium Akrapovic exhaust system the vehicle’s weight has been reduced by 31 pounds (14 kg).

The complete Litchfield Ferrari 458 Performance Package is available by the price of £11,995 or almost $19,000 in current rates (ex. VAT).

Right below you can watch the Ferrari 458 by Litchfield accelerating on Dyno and splitting out some flames.

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