Ferrari 458 Crashes into Parked Passat

Another accident involving the Ferrari 458 Italia has emerged and as the last ones — Employee Crashes Boss’ Ferrari 458 Italia and 20-Years-Old Sets Fire to his Ferrari 458 To Get a Newer Model — this is also unusual.

There’s no much information about the crash, but according to reports the Ferrari 458 Italia was speeding in a 20mph zone in Luton, UK when the incident happened.

As I said, there’s very little information about the crash, but from the sentence above we can imagine what really happened… yeah, the driver lost the control of its 570hp prancing horse.

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Ferrari 458 Italia front end destroyed

In addition to lost the control, the Ferrari 458 Italia also hit a parked VW Passat, or rather, slid under the Passat which ended up over the Ferrari. Furthermore, the Ferrari crashed into a small wall.

The airbags were deployed due the impact, but anyone was injured… and about the Ferrari, you can see with your own eyes.

more info comes from Carscoop

The red and black Ferrari 458 Italia you are seeing destroyed is reported to be written off. It belongs to Prestige Lifestyle, a luxury firm that rented the car for a 29-year-old man for five days.

The co-owner of the rental firm said to ITV News: “They have done a really good job of crashing it and writing it off. It took three minutes for the insurance assessors to write it off. I just wish people had more respect for supercars. People need to realise that they are not invincible.”

A Vauxhall Astra was also involved in the accident occurred at approximately 7pm on Sunday.

POSTED ON Aug 18, 2015

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